Loose or Knocked-Out Tooth

A tooth can become loose or knocked-out (avulsed) after you have experienced a physical trauma. Contact us today to get the treatment you need from our dentist for loose or knocked-out teeth in Munster, Indiana. In the case of this dental emergency, you need to get treatment immediately.

There are several different ways that loose teeth can occur. These include ligament or bone damage. Come into our office for your emergency appointment and receive an examination where Dr. Bunmi Adekugbe will determine the extent of the damage and then recommend a course of treatment.

When teeth have been knock-out then it is particularly important that you receive treatment as soon as possible. Ideally, you would receive treatment within the hour of it occurring. So, if you have suffered an avulsed tooth, contact All Smiles Munster immediately.

Bring your avulsed tooth with you to your emergency appointment. Do not touch the root when picking it up. Clean any debris using by rinsing it in milk and then store it in your cheek pouch, or if your child is the patient, store it in a container filled with their saliva to avoid accidental swallowing of the tooth.

Dr. Adekugbe may be able to re-implant your tooth after cleaning it and the empty socket if there are no other complications.

To seek emergency dental care for loose or knocked out teeth, contact us at 219-800-2540.

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