Welcome to All Smiles Munster! We offer a wide range of services, including dentures in Munster, to help you feel comfortable and confident with your smile. Our practice, located in Munster, Indiana, is led by Dr. Bunmi Adekugbe, a highly trained dentist.


All Smiles Munster is the perfect choice for dentures. You can be sure you will receive the best care and the highest quality dentures. Our advanced technology allows us to create superior dentures tailored to your needs. We also offer a variety of payment plans and denture care services to ensure that you get the best dentures at an affordable price. With All Smiles Munster, you can be sure that you will receive the highest quality dentures in Munster that are designed to last and look natural.

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What Are Dentures?  

Dentures are prosthetic devices that are crafted to replace missing teeth. They are custom-made to fit your smile and are made of either acrylic resin or a combination of metals and acrylic. Dentures are removable; you can take them out for cleaning and when you sleep.

What are the Benefits of Dentures?  

Dentures provide several benefits, including:  

  • Improved ability to chew and speak: Dentures help restore your ability to chew and speak properly.  
  • Improved facial appearance: Dentures can help restore your youthful appearance by filling out your facial structure.  
  • Improved self-confidence: With dentures, you can feel confident with your smile.  

Who is a Candidate for Dentures?  

If you are missing several or all of your teeth, you may be a candidate for dentures. Our team can assess your dental health and determine if dentures fit you.  

Why Should I Replace My Missing Teeth?  

Missing teeth can cause the remaining teeth to shift out of place and cause difficulty chewing and speaking. Replacing your missing teeth can improve your oral health and overall health. Replacing missing teeth can also enhance your facial appearance.  

The Two Types of Dentures  

There are two types of dentures: partial dentures and complete dentures.  

Partial Dentures  

We use partial dentures to replace a few missing teeth. They are made of acrylic and are attached to a metal framework. The metal framework is designed to fit around the remaining natural teeth and to support the denture.  

Complete Dentures  

We use complete dentures to replace all teeth in a single arch. They are made of acrylic and designed to fit over your gums. Complete dentures can be either immediate (temporary) or conventional (permanent).  

Complete dentures have a flesh-colored base that fits over the gums and a full set of artificial teeth. Partial dentures are attached to a pink or gum-colored base with metal clasps that connect to the remaining natural teeth. Dentures look and feel like natural teeth. They come in various shapes and sizes, allowing them to be tailored to each individual’s needs.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Caring for your dentures is an integral part of keeping your mouth healthy. Brushing your dentures daily with a soft-bristled toothbrush and a non-abrasive cleanser is essential. It is also important to rinse dentures after eating to remove any food particles. Never use toothpaste to clean your dentures. It is important to soak your dentures in a denture-cleaning solution overnight to help keep them clean and free of bacteria. When handling your dentures, use both hands to avoid dropping them. Additionally, having your dentures checked and cleaned by a qualified dental professional at least once a year is vital. These steps will help ensure that your dentures are kept in good condition and provide you with the best possible dental health.

Dentures in Munster, IN

At All Smiles Munster, we are committed to helping you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile. If you require dentures, our team is here to help. Contact us today to learn more about our denture services and to schedule an appointment.

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